How to use

Here are a few tips on how you can use the Jello Gloss Balm®. 

  1. Apply 2 coats for glossy lips
  2. Apply the 3-in-1 lip sparkle balm on your bottom lip and the gloss balm on your top lip. Blend together and you have a sparkle glossy balm.
  3. Wear over a liquid lipstick for a liquid lipstick lacquer.
  4. Have a sticky gloss & need it to be less tacky? Apply the gloss balm and then your gloss on top.
  5. Apply a soft lip liner on your lips, then apply the gloss balm on top. Blend your lips together and you’ll have a nice tinted lip color shine.
  6. Use as a lip treatment at night.

Size: 4.5 g / 0.15 oz

Period After Opening: 12M


Glossiest, Camelia, Rosie, Tulip, AuNaturel, BarelyNude, Sparkliest, Magnolia