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    Backed by a commitment to stocking only the highest-quality products, ensuring customer satisfaction and repeat business for you.
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    Stock up products that are frequently featured in media and endorsed by influencers, giving you a competitive edge in attracting beauty-conscious customers.
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    Guaranteed early access to new product launches and limited edition items, keeping your inventory fresh and exciting.
From the cutting-edge innovation of Girlactik to the homegrown excellence of Roselisa, our brands embody luxury, quality, and diversity. Dive into their stories and see why they are loved by industry professionals and beauty queens around the world. Each brand we represent is chosen for its unique story, superior quality, and the joy it brings to consumers.
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At Excento Beauty, we are the bridge between opulence and everyday elegance. Founded in Montreal, we handpick and distribute beauty brands that resonate with luxury, quality, and innovation. Join us in redefining beauty retail with products that promise to turn heads and captivate hearts
Premium Beauty, Exclusive Access
Connect your clientele with the crème de la crème of beauty products. As an Excento retailer, you'll gain access to premium beauty selections, exclusive offers, and support that goes beyond the sale. Transform your beauty offerings with products that promise more than just surface appeal. Enjoy the perks of premium quality brands backed by top industry professionals, influencers, including eco-conscious product range that will set your shelves apart. This is a partnership that prioritizes your success and caters to the discerning tastes of your clientele.
  • Retail Growth Partner
    Excento is more than a supplier; we're a growth partner invested in your success, providing marketing support and sales strategies that drive your business forward.
  • Trendsetting Products
    Stay ahead of the beauty curve with Excento's commitment to bringing innovative and on-trend products to the market, ensuring your offerings are always fresh and relevant.
  • Reliable Supply Chain
    Rely on our efficient distribution network, ensuring timely and consistent delivery of products to keep your inventory stocked and your customers satisfied.
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