The Roselisa Teeth Whitening Refill Kit is perfect for a person who has the whole Roselisa Smile ELITE Teeth Whitening Kit. It contains 3x 3 ml 35% carbamide peroxide gels that are safe for teeth. It helps remove stains from coffee, tobacco, food, and other factors that can affect the color of teeth. Touch-up treatments can be done monthly to maintain the whiteness. You can do approximately 3 uses per gel.

Key Features:

  • Contains the highest dental quality ingredients.
  • Perfect for people who want a brighter smile.
  • Registered with Health Canada
  • Safe for veneers and crowns
  • Used and approved by dentists to whiten smiles and remove stains from teeth efficiently and safely.
  • Quantity: 3×3 ml
  • Refill Kit is perfect for Roselisa Smile ELITE teeth whitening kit.
  • Store in a cool dry place, avoid sunlight.

Roselisa Teeth Whitening Refill Kit


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